About the game

World of Warships is a free-to-play action MMO that plunges players into intense naval combat of the first half of the XX century. The game provides players with a huge naval fleet and grants an opportunity to take command of legendary vessels and fight for domination on the high seas. Each machine has its unique realistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance—all technical specifications are historically accurate.


Strategic Gameplay


World of Warships provides players with a wide range of combat options, including sudden strikes, cunning flanking attacks, and open head-to-head encounters. Hone your skills by exploring different options and adjust them to particular in-game situations.


Huge Naval Fleet


You have several types of combat vessels at your command: aircraft carriers that provide allies with long-range air support, swift cruisers that excel at reconnaissance missions, destroyers that can bring deadly torpedoes to bear and intimidating, heavily-armed battleships. Experiment with each vessel class to find the one that best fits your play style.


Tactical Diversity


The game’s combination of unique warships coupled with the team-based player versus player format provides a wide range of tactical options and scenarios, making every battle a unique experience. Join efforts with your allies, grow into a true team player, and destroy the competition.


Multiple Locations


Warships are pitted against each other in a variety of original battle arenas, each meticulously created and inspired by real-world locations. Explore the seascapes of World of Warships and turn their unique geographic characteristics to your advantage.


Part of the Wargaming.net Universe


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"World of Warships may be the newest title in Wargaming.net's arsenal, but that doesn't mean it's about to be overshadowed by its older siblings."

– Igromania.ru.