About the game


World of Tanks (Xbox/PS4) is a team-based massively multiplayer, 15-vs-15 online game dedicated to armored warfare of the mid-20th century. Remaining true to the Wargaming series' core values, the game delivers an extensive tactical gameplay, where team-based coordination is the key to victory. Take on players in thrilling PvE and PvP tank battles, and upgrade your favorite vehicles.


World of Tanks (Xbox)

World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360, featuring cross-platform play, lets players vie for supremacy in over 300 different armored vehicles. Achievements, Live matchmaking, account sharing across Xbox One and Xbox 360 through one Xbox Live account, and the World of Tanks Game Hub let players take full advantage of a true AAA free-to-play with Xbox Gold.


World of Tanks (PlayStation©4)

World of Tanks on PlayStation©4 puts players in charge of over 150 legendary tanks to master. It supports key platform features including complete DUALSHOCK®4 functionality, Share Play and PlayStation®Vita Remote Play, along with optimized controls designed to elevate the handheld experience. World of Tanks on PlayStation©4 is free for all PSN account holders, featuring exclusive platform and PS Plus content.

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“While competitors are muttering about entering the free-to-play space to monetize players, Wargaming has already grabbed chunks of the market.”

– Gamesindustry.biz.

“Don’t expect lols. Expect war.”

– PC Gamer.

“Every matchup is tense, with fiery defeat rarely more that one move away”.

– PlayStation Official Magazine UK.

“You can't hide from tanks. It's almost everywhere now but most important thing is - on each platform it presents decent quality.”

– Gamezilla.pl.