Wargaming includes four main business units 

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Our Publishing unit’s main focus is on the player: keeping our current players happy, and attracting new ones. 

  •   Marketing
  •   Customer Relations
  •   Business Development
  •   Video
  •    eSports 
  •    Global Operations
  •    PR


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Our Development unit comes up with great ideas and turns them into legendary games.
  •    Game Design
  •    Art
  •    Programming
  •    Audio
  •    Analysis
  •    Quality Assurance
  •    UX
  •    Localization
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Our Producing unit's goal is to learn what players want, pass this onto the development team, and evaluate the results to maintain our reputation
  •    Products
  •    Services
  •    Management
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Our Administration unit makes everything behind the games happen.
  •    Internal Communications
  •    Finance
  •    IT
  •    Staff Records
  •    Human Resources 
  •    Travel & Logistics
  •    Legal


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