Why work at wargaming?


No matter how big we become our activities will always be driven by our core values: we love games and create them with passion. As a result we’re always open to exploring new opportunities and ideas, applying our expertise to resolve complex issues, delivering a new or better experience to our players.



Our employees don’t just gain experience of delivering the best global gaming products they also play a part in shaping the future direction of the gaming industry.



Work and Play

At Wargaming the working and creative, or “playing” process go hand in hand. You simply cannot have one without the other.

We offer comfortable working environments, play zones, team building events… and even a regular supply of fruit… making sure that we look after body and mind! 


The company also offers a variety of social activities and many other benefits ranging from foreign language courses to the opportunity to attend leading industry events.



At Wargaming we know how to work—and play…


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