Saint Petersburg


Wargaming Saint Petersburg (Lesta Studio) is a team of top professionals engaged in creating unique games and high-quality video content.


Founded in 1991 by a small team of three people, Lesta Studio began as a full service video production company.


In 2000 we decided to explore a new area of expertise and launched the development of its first video game—the real-time strategy Entente. Released in 2003, the title proved to be a huge success and the studio continued its expansion into the game industry.


With more than 20 years of IT expertise, the studio has gathered numerous projects under its belt, including such well-acclaimed strategy-based games as Pacific Storm and Elements of War.


In 2011 we chose the MMO market as a top priority. Joining forces with Wargaming, we began working on the naval MMO action game World of Warships. The game offers naval combat enthusiasts an opportunity to command of the legendary vessels from the early XX century and fight for domination on the high seas.

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Saint Petersburg

8B Carl Faberge square


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