Being a heart of Wargaming universe, Minsk office covers technical process, as well focusing on marketing and publishing activities.


Apart from World of Tanks development, Minsk team centers on public relations, handles customer support and coordinates work of regional Wargaming subdivisions all over the globe.


The key to company’s success lies in fact that we consider our people the most precious asset. We are looking to hire professionals to ensure top-notch quality for our games.


We are perfectionists. We don’t set the limits. We welcome creative and dedicated individuals who are willing to grow.


Wargaming boasts world popularity. But we have something else to be proud of. Warm and friendly atmosphere on our team is the reason people like working with us. That’s a great achievement and we do our best to keep it up.

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Game Stream, 178/2 Partizanskij Avenue, Room 38, Minsk 220075


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