Founded in 2000, Persha Studia, a Kyiv-based studio built a solid reputation in programming, art assets, production, business application development, and the creation of online, mobile, and wireless software. Over the course of its 13-year history, the team collaborated with several renowned companies including Electronic Arts, Activision, Cryptic Studios, Triumph Studios, Sony Online Entertainment, Microsoft, and Disney, and created visual assets for Wargaming’s World of Tanks.


In 2011, the Kyiv development team established a close collaboration with the Wargaming family and is currently developing two of Wargaming’s key titles: World of Warplanes and World of Tanks: Generals. The former is an MMO game set in the golden age of military aviation. World of Warplanes took off in November 2013 with over 4.5 million registered pilots and has been gaining followers ever since. The latter is a free-to-play online browser-based collectible card game focused on World War II battles. The team is also working on other exciting upcoming projects.


One of the best aspects of playing a Wargaming title is the top-quality customer service that players receive. To achieve this level of service, the Web team in Kyiv creates and maintains a complex software infrastructure, allowing players to interact with one another and to participate in gaming tournaments and special events. This team is also involved in crafting a Wargaming Developer Partner Program, a service for third-party developers interested in creating mods, apps, web-resources, and other useful add-ons for Wargaming titles.


Additionally, the Central Art team refines the current art content and provides new art content for Wargaming development studios, notably World of Tanks and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. Persha’s Studia R&D department is responsible for generating new ideas and creating new game prototypes.

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Persha Studia, Domino office center, 51 Nizhny Val St., Kyiv


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