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About us

Wargaming Minsk is the central development studio of Wargaming, the largest developer and publisher of MMO games in Europe and the CIS. This is where the bulk of the development of World of Tanks happens, the legendary game with over 160 million users, 4 Golden Joystick Awards (akin to the Oscars) and two Guinness World Records.


World of Tanks is far from being the only hub for the 2200+ employees of the Wargaming Minsk office. Different directions, huge departments, large-scale projects, access to high technology — you’ll find everything that you need to develop your talents and achieve your professional ambitions or you can even try yourself in a completely new role.


Our success relates to the professional level of our team. That’s why we invest in training: we develop educational programs for our employees, send them to conferences and invite the best trainers to the office. Also, our employees themselves train colleagues and external specialists — this is the best way to transfer knowledge. Thanks to this we remain at the forefront of the industry and move gaming forward.

Work-life balance

To maintain our colleagues’ morale, we help them in solving everyday issues. Wargaming Minsk pays for employee visits to the best medical centers in Minsk. The office has its own dining room, and each floor is equipped with a kitchen, all of which are regularly stocked with fresh fruits, sweets and drinks, all paid for by the company, of course. Employees also get access to a huge list of discounts on a wide variety of goods and services. And in the office you can unwind in your own way: whether it’s yoga or dancing, strengthening your muscles in the gym, playing pool or learning Russian billiards, or just relaxing in the sauna.

Why Minsk?

Young. Dynamic. Green. Minsk is a city you never want to leave.  Both the nightclub regulars, and those who appreciate a quieter lifestyle will find something to love. Life is pulsing through this megapolis where noisy streets adjoin the shaded parks and convenient bicycle paths. That is what makes Minsk a perfect place for raising a family and building a career.


Wargaming invites top-class professionals to join it's team in Minsk. Browse the list of vacancies—you could be just what we're looking for!

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Relocation Stories

Yuriy Fedchenok

  • Historical Consultant
  • 40 years old
  • Single
  • Bakhmut, Ukraine

"What struck me most about Wargaming was how much my colleagues love their work, and the friendly atmosphere in the office. This is quite different to the state-owned enterprises I used to work for previously. To my surprise, after 10 years at Wargaming, this drive and atmosphere hasn’t faded one bit".

Joe Khoury

  • Lead Producer
  • 40 years old
  • Married
  • Montreal, Canada

"Leaving Montreal to come to Minsk was a little daunting at first, however the people in Minsk and those working for Wargaming quickly crushed those fears. Some have happily worked here for 10 years; some even for 15. This alone is testament to how fantastic the company really is".

Ivan Nikolaev

  • Gameplay Team Lead
  • 29 years old
  • Single
  • Florence, Italy

“I’ve worked with a lot of talented engineers before, but at Wargaming, I saw how creativity meets technical realization. The people behind the final product are very cool and I have a lot to learn from them. What I most appreciate about Wargaming is the company's approach to employees—it's not about money, but the attitude, motivation, and culture.”

Kirill Nechaev

  • Creative Media Team lead
  • 34 years old
  • Single
  • Moscow, Russia

“Moving to another location is like a filter—only the best friends remain with you and they will always be your best friends. I really like the people in Minsk—they will always explain everything to you and offer help, and when you come to Wargaming, you know you’ve found yourself in some huge world with brilliant people.”

We're waiting for you!

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